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Tuna Valley Cutlery Co.

        The Daniels Family has been involved in knives for five generations. From trading at the markets all the way to 2006 when Ken Daniels started Great Eastern Cutlery.​

        At first I attended the shows with Ken & Ryan while just sitting back and watching them promote the GEC line before I knew it I found myself out up front selling with best of them.

       After the sale of GEC in 2012, I decided to start my own knife purveying business. Especially once Ken purchased Queen Cutlery Co. I knew this was my opportunity and jumped at the chance to own the rights to Tuna Valley Cutlery Co.

       I'm in complete control now and I'm committed to carrying on the two main values of The Daniels Family business plan, their reputation, and quality made Knives. So, sit back and enjoy a brand new line of patterns with superior specialty steels and the most beautiful natural handle material.

                                                                                                 Courtney Daniels